University of California, Irvine University of New Orleans

Bachelors of Arts Masters of Fine Art Candidate

Political Science Studio Art - Painting


Tigress Mind: A Space Peculiar Solo Show 2018 - Sol Collective, Sacramento, CA

HerStory: Healing, Resistance, and Empowerment Group Art Show 2017 - Sacramento, CA


Sofar Sounds Sacramento 2018

California Democratic Party Convention 2018 - San Diego, CA

Cal Endowment Unity Gala 2018 - Sacramento, CA

Roe v Wade Anniversary Event 2018 California State Capitol | Planned Parenthood - Sacramento, CA

Poets of Color 2016 - Sol Collective - Sacramento, CA

Coffee Cartel Feature 2016 - Torrance, CA

Paradise Perks Feature 2014 - Tustin, CA


“Glasses” - Ghas Phul Nodi Publishing - Dhaka, Bangladesh 2011

"The Quiet" - Exhibit Magazine 2013

"Traffic Kids" - The Black Napkin Volume 1 Issue 2

"Traffic Kids" - The Metaworker 

"What to do When He Calls You Selfish" - Kings Zine Volume 1

"Streetlight Funeral" - Kings Zine Volume 2

"Wrong Turns Lead Here" - CreateSpace Independent Publishing

"Where My Blood Comes From" - Six Seasons Review. New Series. Volume 3, Number 2. Bengal Publication, Dhaka Bangladesh.

"Figs" - The Rising Phoenix Review, November 2017

"When the Imam Cries" - The Rising Phoenix Review, November 2017 


Sway - Ruby Cocktails (Music Video), lead actor - Directed by Charlee Rae

Winter Collection - The People of Sacramento (Clothing Line), model - Charlee Rae

BCHIC LOOKBOOK - BindiGal (Clothing Line), model

The Party (Short Film) - Directed by Tanvir Prium, Written by Kunal Chopra & Farah Billah

Roku Sound Bar Commercial 2018, actor